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Backflow Prevention

Leander Backflow Prevention Services 

Backflow Prevention Specialists in Cedar Park

Are you struggling with backflow at your house or place of business? If you may be at risk of contaminated sewer water and waste coming up your fresh supply of drinking water, it is time to seek out Leander backflow prevention services. Our professionals at FCS Plumbing and Water Heating make it our chief goal to protect you and your whole household from the germs and bacteria which are known to infect contaminated backflow water. You will never need to feel uninformed or unprepared when you come to our dedicated techs for help.

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Why Backflow Occurs

Although the name may seem self-explanatory, many people are not aware of what backflow is and why it occurs. In usual circumstances, your main supply of water runs in a single direction, where it feeds fresh water to your showers and faucets. Sometimes, however, if there is a sudden reduction in pressure, or if the main line unexpectedly is disrupted, an unfortunate situation occurs where contaminated water is forced backward. 

This may be due to a severe clog in the plumbing line, or when too much water is allowed to flow for an extensive length of time. Regardless of the cause, this surge of wastewater is known as back siphonage or backflow. It is important to speak to professionals as soon as possible to prevent this wastewater from infiltrating your fresh supply of water. 

Dependable Backflow Prevention Device Installations

Backflow prevention devices are supposed to last quite a long time, but there will eventually be a day when you need a new system. It can be difficult to know which option to choose, however, when there are so many choices available. The great news is that you do not have to make this tough decision all by yourself when you speak to a team of knowledgeable backflow prevention experts.

The primary types of devices can be broken down into two categories – atmospheric vacuum breakers and backflow prevention assemblies. Atmospheric vacuum breakers use air pressure as powerful protection against back siphonage, although they are not always the most economical.

The second option of backflow prevention assemblies is also very reliable, but they require lots of testing to make sure the valves and shutoffs continue working. 

Whether this is your first time purchasing a unit or you need a replacement, our techs can provide a proper solution, informing you about your options for:                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Double-check valves
  • Spill-resistant vacuum breakers
  • Pressure vacuum breakers
  • Reduced pressure principle backflow assemblies

Since there are lots of options available, it is always helpful to talk to professionals like our team at FCS Plumbing and Water Heating, who can inform you about all the pros and cons of each system. 

To gain more information about the right backflow device or preventer for your home or business, simply call us today at (512) 355-1080 or contact us online to further discuss Leander backflow prevention services.

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