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Boiler Services in Leander 

Cedar Park Home Heating 

Traditionally, there are two primary methods for heating your home or business in Texas. One of these uses forced air systems to distribute hot air from a central heating furnace. Because this form of heating utilizes ductwork to push out hot air through complex channels, it is often quite expensive to install and maintain. There is another type of heating system that is extremely effective, however, without having all of these problems associated with central heating – the boiler system. 

Since a boiler uses radiators to distribute heat from heated water, it will never dispense hazardous particulates. Because it is so effective at using recycled water, your new boiler will also help you save energy, greatly reducing your utility bills. Speak to our pros at FCS Plumbing and Water Heating to benefit from thorough boiler services in Leander.

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The Benefits of an Effective Boiler System

A boiler creates heat by running water over powerful heat exchangers. This heated water is then distributed throughout the house via radiators and recycled again once it is cold. Since boilers are so efficient and effective in their method of heating, it is no wonder why they have become an extremely popular choice in houses and businesses alike. They are also much more condensed than ductwork, so you can benefit from them even if you have less space. Our technicians would be happy to walk you through even more benefits you can expect with boiler installation.

Dealing with Boiler Issues Through Prompt Repairs

Is your boiler giving you trouble? If so, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can feel the peace of mind of knowing exactly what went wrong in your system when you speak to our techs right away.

Some of the most common indications that your boiler may be experiencing problems include situations where:

  • The boiler is making loud kettling noises
  • There is an extremely low level of boiler pressure
  • Your boiler will turn off and on its own
  • The condensate pipe has frozen over
  • The boiler is leaking
  • There are faults in the radiator’s distribution of heat 

If you have become suspicious that your boiler is simply not working as well as it used to, this is a major indication that it is time to call a team of professionals, like those at FCS Plumbing and Water Heating, to fix your system.

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