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Drain Cleaning

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Clearing Out Blockages in Your Plumbing System

If water is flowing slowly or not at all in your home, it might be time for a drain cleaning service. Various things can cause drain blockages, such as debris buildup, damaged pipes, or root growth. Whether the problem is in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or outside, ignoring it can lead to greater issues later. For example, wastewater could flow back into your home, threatening the health of you and your loved ones, or a pipe could burst in your yard, leading to flooding and expensive repairs. If you notice your plumbing system acting up, contact a professional immediately. They can take care of the matter and restore your home's comfort and safety.

At FCS Plumbing and Water Heating, we deliver high-quality drain cleaning services in Leander. Our team is licensed and insured, and we undergo continual training to stay current on technologies and techniques, enabling us to deliver long-lasting solutions to our clients. Backed by 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills to tackle any drain issue. Our plumbers work quickly and efficiently to get our customers' systems working as they should as soon as possible. 

If your drains need to be cleaned in Leander, schedule an appointment with us by calling (512) 355-1080 or contacting us online today.

What Causes a Clogged Drain?

You rely on your drains as you take care of daily tasks, such as personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, or washing clothes. Although you might be careful about what goes in your drains, foreign objects like hair, grease, food, dirt, and debris can also get washed down them.

Over time, your pipes may become corroded or collect minerals on their walls. When a foreign object passes through them, it can get caught inside. Through continually using your system, these items can build up, causing a blockage.

Your drains can also become clogged by tree roots. In search of water, the roots might push into tiny cracks or fissures in the pipes. As they multiply and grow, they themselves can cause the drain to clog, or they can cause a blockage by preventing small objects from freely passing through the pipe.

How Can You Tell Whether You Have a Blocked Drain?

Your plumbing system might be acting up, but how do you know that a drain cleaning service will take care of it? Several signs indicate that the pipes are clogged.

Some of the most common include:

  • Water flowing slowly: Generally, drain blockages develop slowly as foreign objects accumulate in them. Still, in some cases, a large item might have gotten stuck in your drain. Either way, the pipe might have a small opening for water flow. However, the space isn't large enough to allow high volumes of water through. Because of this, it will take long for water to leave your sinks, shower, toilet, or other plumbing equipment.
  • Gurgling sounds: When a pipe is blocked, air can get trapped inside it. The sound you hear is the air making its way up the clogged drain.
  • Unpleasant odors: A blockage prevents food and other objects from getting flushed out of your system. As the items sit in your pipes, they can rot or collect bacteria, which can cause foul odors. 

How Do You Clear a Clogged Drain?

The method used for cleaning a blockage from a drain depends on where the problem's at and what's causing it. When you call FCS Plumbing and Water Heating for your drainage issue in Leander, we'll begin by locating the source of the clog by running a camera through your system. Once we know what's wrong, we can recommend solutions to make it right.

A couple of the techniques for clearing drains include:

  • Snaking: This process involves running a cable down the drain. The cable spins as it moves down the line, removing debris or roots within.
  • Hydro jetting: This method uses a machine and hose that force highly pressurized water through the drain. It breaks up almost all types of gunk build-up, leaving the pipes especially clean.

Choose Our Team for Reliable Drain Cleaning in Leander

At FCS Plumbing and Water Heating, our customer's come first. We will take the time to assess your problem and offer a solution for your needs and budget. Understanding how having a clogged drain can disrupt your day, we'll be at your home as soon as possible. We also offer same-day appointments and 24/7 emergency services.

To schedule a drain cleaning in Leander, contact us at (512) 355-1080.

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