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Lift Stations

Lift Station Services in Leander 

Quality Sewage Solutions in Cedar Park

Although many houses and businesses use traditional sewer pumps to transfer waste into a collection unit, the physical location and geography of every property are not always as conducive. In some cases, a lift station is necessary to work in the precise manner as its title suggests: lifting sewage to a higher elevation to reach its ultimate destination of a treatment plant. 

When you are looking for dependable lift station services in Leander to protect your property, our devoted experts at FCS Plumbing and Water Heating are happy to provide you with the care you need. From installations to repairs to maintenance, we can handle anything having to do with lift stations.

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Deciding on The Right Kind of Lift Station Installation for Your Property

When it comes to lift station installations, you can choose between two primary types: submersible lifts and dry wells. Dry wells separate the specialized equipment used to pump and control the water from the actual wastewater itself. In contrast, single submersible pumps perform this function within the water, requiring less maintenance. Our experts can help you decide which system may be more advantageous at your home.

Why a Lift Station Installation Will Benefit You

The reason that a lift station can be so beneficial is that it is capable of cutting down the high costs involved in building a traditional gravity flow system. Gravity flow devices require a lot of invasive excavation, known as “trench shoring,” to add sewer pipes. Since these pipes have to be dug at least 10 feet beneath the ground, they can be quite expensive and time-consuming to install. Residents also have to pay for costly restorations of their destroyed yards. You can avoid all of this hassle simply by talking to our technicians about the process of adding a more cost-efficient and effective system of a lift station.

Detecting a Problem in Your Lift Station

Even though these types of systems are built to withstand a lot of pressure and use over the years, your lift station is naturally going to experience wear and tear over time. Looking out for these developing problems means you can potentially nip them in the bud before they occur.

It may be time to schedule troubleshooting with knowledgeable experts if you ever happen to notice:

  • Slowed drainage of your unit, often due to a clog of insoluble objects somewhere within the system
  • Buzzing sounds during operation, meaning valves are worn down, or there is an obstacle blocking the flow
  • A bad odor like that of rotting sewage rising from the system

No matter the issue, our techs at FCS Plumbing and Water Heating are ready to do whatever it takes to get your lift station operating well again.

Just call us today at (512) 355-1080 or contact our team online to learn why professional lift station services in Leander are so critical.

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