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Water Heaters

Water Heater Repair & Installation in Leander 

Resolving Complex Water Heater Issues in Cedar Park

Are you looking for truly dependable water heater repair or installation in Leander? If so, let our skilled technicians take care of all your issues. We only install the most trustworthy products at your home, so that you can enjoy hot water for years to come. 

If you require fast and effective repairs, FCS Plumbing and Water Heating will get the job done efficiently as well. There is no reason to ever fear the possibility of taking an icy shower, so long as you reach out to our licensed professionals immediately.

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Signs That Your Water Heater Needs to Be Repaired

Even though water heaters are much more reliable nowadays, it is good to still be on alert for any indications that demonstrate your system is starting to malfunction from all the wear it experiences. By being proactive in recognizing these issues, you may be able to prevent your heater from breaking down entirely.

A few of the common indicators showing that your water heater is in trouble include symptoms such as:

  • The unit is unable to provide a constant flow of hot water over an extended period 
  • Rust or other signs of corrosion are building up within the tank or around the valves
  • The water pressure is very low whenever the hot water tap is turned on
  • The base of the tank is leaking, or there is water seeping from the connection points at the nozzles or valves
  • Mineral deposits are accumulating inside your tank

Why Is My Water Heater Leaking from the Bottom?

One of the most typical issues that occur with water heaters is that they begin to experience leakage in one form or another. A primary cause of this could be a drain valve that has become loose or has broken off entirely. This often occurs if the tank has collected a lot of mineral deposits or bits of residue that are slowly but surely damaging the larger tank itself by wearing down the lining. 

Alternatively, there could also be an issue going on with the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve (T&R Valve). This device is critical for your system because it can get rid of extra pressure that has gathered when the heater is too hot. If the discharge tube that connects the valve has a large collection of liquid inside it, it usually shows that the T&R Valve has broken due to excess pressure. When this occurs, it is best to have the valve replaced entirely. 

Contact Experienced Leander Plumbers for Water Heater Services

Having a knowledgeable tech perform a full inspection is a good idea since the warning signs of water heater trouble look so similar. This is why it’s best to speak to FCS Plumbing and Water Heating as soon as you begin noticing suspicious symptoms of trouble.

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